Gerd has acquired a profound experience in on-location portrait photography. A big part of his family portrait photography has been done at his clients' homes or at local beaches. Being new to the Toronto area he will be offering promotions especially for home and cottage family sessions. To qualify you would have to give the permission to have examples of these images shown on Harder Photography's web site. Contact Harder Photography if you are interested in participating in this promotion. The amount of sessions under this promotion will be limited.

30% off your session plus

20% off a 20x30 canvas enlargement

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After operating one of the largest portrait studios in Montreal during the nineties Gerd Harder relocated near Orlando in 2000.

Finding time for personal work and a more artistic approach in his portraiture has been the major goal.

Gerd soon found out that changing from a huge Montreal studio to the more modest Florida operation has been as challenging and exciting as the coincidental changes in the photographic technology. Gerd embraced both enthusiastically. Increasingly he photographed his clients on location, at the local beaches, at their homes or other places which were meaningful to them.

Simultaneously without the time consumed by managing a large studio there was time available to photograph for his personal folio, and to artistically work it to his liking. Soon his new body of work became recognized by his peers in state, national and international photo competitions as well as by his clients. Patrons from all over Canada and the United States booked his services. His clients originate among other places from California to Connecticut, from Alabama to Texas, from British Columbia to Alberta and naturally from all over Florida and Province of Quebec where he had operated studios.

By moving to Barrie, Ontario in 2006 Gerd went full circle. Operating from a home again Gerd finds himself where he started out over 30 years ago, yet for different reasons. The final word may not be spoken on this. If it tickles him to much he might find himself again a place with a camera room one day.

For the time being he is looking forward to photograph his clients on their grounds and above all to use his new found freedom to pursue another of his early loves in photography. He cannot wait to paddle his canoe through an early foggy morning and scout for the perfect spot to capture a fleeing moment in time with his camera. That's what has brought him over thirty years ago to this beautiful country. A digital sensor has replaced the film but the drops of water from his paddle, the fog caressing his face and the early morning breeze waving through his hair are still the same.











Toronto area family portrait photographer Gerd Harder specializes in on location family portraits.

Family portraits can be taken at your home, your cabin up north, on the beach or at any other location.

The characteristic of your home, cabin or any place that is dear to you becomes the unique background for your family portrait.

This will make your family portraits more meaningful than a picture in a studio.

Years from now this home family portrait will bring back precious memories of your living environment at that time.

It will be a treasured heirloom that will be cherished by generations.

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What makes a Family Portrait by Gerd Harder stand out?

The beauty of Gerd's home family portraits and outdoor pictures lays in his ability to combine a multitude of different tasks. Over 30 years of experience as an outdoor family photographer he has not only mastered the technical aspects in photography but also has acquired a trained eye for critical choices in backgrounds, clothing and light.

Once the family portrait session is completed clients can count on outstanding artwork and craftsmanship to enhance their family photo. Facial lines are softened, colors are adjusted, under eye shadows and blemishes removed. Heads can be swapped, after all it is difficult to get several family members at their best in the same picture. In short, everything is done to make you look your very best!

Few Family Portrait artists are sufficiently rounded to master all these skills. Many other professions require certifications as a proof of experience to the public, not so in portrait photography. Any individual can call himself a portrait photographer. There are no rules in place to protect the general public. It is up to each client to find out if he is dealing with an experienced portrait artist or with somebody who just claims to be so. Family photography often requires individual family members to coordinate their time and therefore is not easily repeated. When it comes to your family photo make sure you are in the hands of a true professional who knows his trade.


At Harder Photography the craftsmanship is a tradition which started with Claus Christian Theodor Harder's opening of the first Harder Photography studio in 1875. Artist by profession he changed oil color and brushes for film and camera. Since then 4 generations of portraitists, Gerd's great grandfather, grandfather and father have handed down the knowledge in how to produce excellence in portrait photography.


Gerd's work has been recognized by his peers with many awards and prizes. In 2005 he has been honored with the "Photographer of the Year" title by the Professional Photographers of America and in 2004 he was one of only a few portrait photographers to be honored a second consecutive time as a TOP TEN FLORIDA PHOTOGRAPHER. Go to LIST OF RECENT AWARDS to read about the latest awards or go to IMAGES OF RECENT AWARDS to see the award winning images.







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